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I’ve done Pilates before, during and after pregnancy; I’ve trained with different instructors, in different places. However my Pilates history can be separated into “Before Elizabeth” and “After Elizabeth”. I would get bored with other stuff, but Elizabeth keeps it fresh, she never settles, she is always looking into new exercises or new ways to convey what we should be doing and how to execute the movement correctly.

She’s quick to adjust to my needs – be it by cueing, or change the class planned if I need something different that day. She is extremely knowledgeable (I have never met a more educated instructor in any of the 4 different states I’ve lived). Even though I own my own reformer equipment I am a regular at her studio.

There is a special feeling when I have been trying this move and she tells me to change a seemingly “minor thing” and all of a sudden my body starts shaking and I get that “heat wave” coming from within. That means I got it right. And I leave the studio feeling alive, relaxed, and accomplished.

I liked Pilates before I met Elizabeth Brown, I absolutely cannot live without it after I met her! To me, Pilates is not just an exercise program, it is an investment in my health and well-being.

~ Daniele

Being an Exercise Science major and having a fitness-oriented background, I was told to try Pilates. After one session with Elizabeth I was immediately intrigued. Within a few weeks I began observing as an intern for credit hours. I was attracted to Pilates because of its attention to detail. I understood that when training a client, strength and cardio were not the only components to good overall fitness, but flexibility, form, and precise movement were the common missing elements to many clients in any fitness setting. I was amazed to learn that Pilates balanced all these components to create an ideal workout for each individual client. Furthermore, it required understanding of the body’s movement and not just performing the motions of the exercise.

The benefits of Pilates to a student pursuing a health profession were obvious. For my major, I was hearing anatomical and medical terms every day used in context by Elizabeth. I had taken anatomy and physiology courses, so it was a great refresher and many times I learned something new or was able to understand a term better because of Elizabeth’s use of it in relation to an exercise. Learning anatomy in this way is beneficial to student-athletes. The experience also helped me to understand the stability of the body as a whole, a feature very important to physical therapy. Elizabeth always said, “You can’t change the structures in the body, but you can change the way they are supported.” This seemed like an obvious principle I learned in my studies, but it gave me a new perspective on the difference it makes to move with intent.

I truly enjoyed my experience at Elizabeth Brown Pilates and gained much more than just credit hours. After completing my internship I took Pilates training courses for mat and apparatus classes. I taught at her studio, making new friends and expanding my network of resources . It is definitely the most enjoyable job I have ever held while further preparing me as a student of Physical Therapy.

~ Janet Clemmensen, Intern

The training was a great experience. Elizabeth was an amazing teacher who was passionate about making sure we learned and came away with a valuable experience. I will definitely consider additional training from your studio.

~ Terry Sidford, Associate Certified Coach – ACC , International Coach Federation

I suffered for years with terrible hip pain that affected my walking and sleeping. Doctors could not help and finally my chiropractor suggested Pilates. With no idea of what to expect, I joined. Just six months later, the hip pain is almost non-existent, and I just feel better overall physically. Don’t get the idea that Pilates is just for the young and athletically fit, it can benefit everyone!

Dawn Hampton, Pilates student

Pilates works your muscles from the inside out.  After taking Pilates from Elizabeth for several months my posture and flexibility have improved.  My strength has increased and I have muscles I never knew I had.

Dee Yancey, State Mutual Insurance, Chairman, President, and CEO

Pilates with Elizabeth has changed my life.  It changes the concept of what a core workout really is.  My body has changed in the last 2 years since starting Pilates with Elizabeth.  I no longer lift weigths, but I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life.  My posture has improved, (which decreases with age) and my waist is smaller.  I have a whole new body!

~ Fran Bagley, Pilates student

Since I have started taking Pilates at Elizabeth Brown Pilates, (Pilates Reformer with Elizabeth and Pilates Mat with Janet), I have awakened my strength and increased my flexibility to a level I did not know I could possess.  It has been an interesting awakening for the muscles in my body, because I am learning to isolate and control them while gaining strength.  

The more I learn the more I realize the sky is the limit.  Controlled movements even without any weights can become unbelievably challenging when done to the Joseph Pilate methods.  As I get older I challenge my trainers to help me with my total health.  I want to increase my overall strength, especially the core strength, and I cannot allow my flexibility to wane.  This workout has achieved what I need to be physically healthier.

~ Marti Walstad, Pilates student

You have an absolute gem in Elizabeth Brown. Not only is she very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about Pilates, not to mention many years of experience, she kept us on task, was organized, had her own teaching outline to make sure that the material was completely covered, but she mad it fun!’

~ Comments from Faculty Training, Mat 1 Teacher Training at Body Awareness Studio

The flow of the class was great with sufficient breaks in between for so much information. Going through the exercise breakdowns was one of the best parts because as students we were able to take note of great cues and understand the exercise thoroughly. It was very challenging to practice teaching the exercises but one of the most valuable parts of the weekend. Elizabeth did a wonderful job having patience with the class and doing her absolute best to correct us and give us feedback. She was very good at being more involved than just as an instructor. She was able to keep her energy up and motivate the class. This seminar was extremely helpful in understanding the purpose of each exercise and preparing me for continued training.”

~ Comments from Faculty Training, Mat 1 Teacher Training at Body Awareness Studio

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